Table cards

This is a very important element to guide your guests to find their place for the evening. 

Your cards can be placed in several ways.

Meet with us

Wedding at the St-James Theatre

This decoration was created for a wedding at the St James Theater. We used one of our vine ceps as a base for our flowers and many candles.

Wedding at the Belvédère du Vieux-Port

We used our moss walls to display the cards. We also wanted to present the kippahs.

To complete this decor, we created shelves in the center. This wedding took place in the event hall of the Belvédère du Vieux-Port

Wedding at Espace Gare Viger

We like the cards to be presented perfectly, in a very linear and neat way. We use all kinds of different holders. In this case, our large vases have been used to hold the cards vertically and our pre-slit wooden battens have been used to hold the cards horizontally. This wedding took place at Espace Gare Viger.

Wedding at LaToundra

We created this birch easel for a wedding that took place at La Toundra. We also crafted a small table with our wood stumps so that we could put a cage on it where the guests could leave their cards.

Wedding at the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim

We used our moss wall as a card holder. Guests like to take pictures of themselves in front of these kinds of decorations. This wedding took place at the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim.