The wedding party must be blossoming

This is a very important element of your floral needs.

Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, wreaths, small bouquets and baskets of petals for little girls, flowers for hair must be harmonious with you and your desired style. We will examine every detail to make the ensemble beautiful.

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credit Bouquet de mariée

Destructured bouquet

This is an example of a destructured bouquet inspired by exotic plants. Our bride loved the Proteas King.

We also used succulents, Ornithogalum Arabicum, tillandsia, Swiss cheese plant leaves, fern and eucalyptus.

Glamelia Bouquet

This Glamelia bouquet is made of rose petals in order to achieve the look of a bigger rose.

It is meticulous work. It can be made with any style of petals or foliage. To finish this one, we used Salal leaves painted in gold.

Cascading bouquet of mini Callas

This cascading bouquet is composed of mini Callas. It was our bride’s favorite flower. These kinds of bouquets can be more organic, airy and of any length.

Trendy bouquet

These bouquets are very trendy at the moment. Eucalyptus is very popular. 

We also used for this bouquet dahlias and burgundy spray roses, Amnesia and Vandella roses, white anemones and Cotinus.


Boutonnieres should not be too big. They often include a variety of flowers from the bride’s bouquet.

Bouquets for little girls

These small arrangements were the bouquets for the little girls. They held them like a handle.

It’s another way to hold a bouquet. The hold is where you see the white ribbon. 

They were composed with beargrass, white lysianthus, porcelina pink spray roses and ivy leaves.

Bridesmaids’ bouquets

As seen in the picture, bridesmaids’ bouquets are typically smaller than the bride’s bouquet. This wedding was very shabby chic. The Gypsophila and burlap ribbons were given pride of place.

Wreaths for little girls

Wreaths for little girls are very trendy. They are also used for the bride or bridesmaids. These were made of Gypsophila, white lysianthus and ivy leaves.

Burlap cone

We crafted the burlap cone. It is another way for little girls to carry their rose petals. They usually carry small baskets.